Does anybody need a Nissan Terrano “unofficially”, bookings started!

As we had reported from the unveiling of Nissan Terrano bookings will commence from the first week of September, and the vehicles are already dispatched to the official Nissan dealers in India for setting it up in the display and getting “responses” from the customers. The dealers seems to have taken the term ‘response’ in a wrong way, hence they had started accepting the bookings of same “without” the official consent of Nissan, says one of the reports in industry.

However, the one who cannot quench his thirst for the official booking to commence can get an un-official booking by just paying a sum of only Rs 50K, says the report.

We still didn’t made known the name of dealers who are providing such unauthorized extravaganza, but it is confirmed by the Nissan officials that deliveries to commence from the end of October 2013 or its nearby spot.

Nissan Terrano will be priced for tagging premium than the Renault Duster, which in return would deliver us the best quality components and a rugged yet premium stance against that French offering. Market speculation of industry says the Japanese carmaker will price its compact SUV for an additional Rs. 50,000 than the Duster, where the Japanese officials had confirmed of making it available at sub-Rs. 10 lakh category.

Nissan Terrano
Though, it would be not-so-concrete to say anything now on the Terrano, instead we can just keep our fingers crossed for the launch to happen which is slated to be there in the start of coming October.

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