Duster Double Cab Pickup Spotted Testing In Romania

Duster had always made a cut above the rest, and the much awaited pickup version had fallen lucrative whenever posted in an article across the website. Last year, the single cab version was spotted doing test rounds in Romania, whereas now, the double cab pickup of Duster has made to the news from that same country.

Duster as a SUV had performed well in whichever market it was launched. Some even says the Duster as world’s cheapest SUV for the international markets. But its pickup version remained in huge demand since its success. Though, looking across this random spy-shot, it remains unclear where the maker itself had built this, or else it is a contribution from the joint venture of coachbuilder Romturingia and Technologie Roumanie.

Apparently, the major sources of the industry claims, more chances are there that its maker (Dacia for the international market and Renault in India) is behind this project. After all, they had recently claimed to extend the lineup of Dusters, which by any means this option sounds lucrative as being the best of both the worlds.

Duster Double Cab Pickup Spotted Testing
In comparison to the standard version, this double cabin Duster pickup holds black plastic cladding, new alloy wheels, slightly lowered suspension and blackened glasses for side and rear windows.

However, if something is really fishy under the nose with regards to the pickup, then certainly the single and double cab Duster pickups will show up with a statement at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2015.

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