Eatables to keep in hand whilst out on a long trip

Life on the open road is something which all of us yearn in earnest and given just the slip, many would prefer life out on the open roads with a good car for company. However, once the initial enthusiasm fades, hours of boredom behind the wheel as also monotony sets in. Sedentary affairs is what one calls road trips since most of the times, one of the person involved is driving while the others may either chit chat or at the best fall asleep. Eventually, even the driver wishes for a change and he pulls over and asks someone else to drive. Many a times, small snacks over the time yield one to be drowsy or even to lose concentration on the road. Here, in this article, we have listed out the eatables that one should have in handy on a road trip. A most neglected thing coz people put on a journey think that they can have anything so long as it fills the stomach and keeps them away from boredom. However, this thinking is entirely untrue. Many don’t realize that the junk food they eat during travels or on long car journeys actually cause drowsiness and induce fatigue. Most of the snacks that we have mentioned here are laced with a lower glycemic index which help in avoiding the peak in sugar growth. Here is a look into those snacks.

Donts : Surprisingly the ratio of donts doesn’t outweigh the list of dos and hence we have plonked it right ahead of dos. Though people tend to think that chocolate bars are a good thing to carry around on trips, we beg to differ. Though they do tend to make one happy, the high content of fat and sugar means they would most likely make you drowsy on the trip. If you have kids with you on the trip, it would only mean squabbles for the chocolate and stained upholstery and windows. Chips are next in the list of donts and though they contain enough of calories with them, they also bring in the salt content. Since they don’t contain fibre in them, they are not suitable for sustaining hunger for long. As far as drinks go, hard drinks like alcohol are a big no-no. As regards the soft drinks, people usually go for the colas and pepsis. Colas contain a high level of sugar factor and this leads to giving the driver or the occupants of the vehicle a certain high in their activity levels. However, these tend to wither off within a short time and hence the craving for more. Moreover caffeine in some of the colas tend to suck out the moisture from our bodies leading to fatigue and tiredness. Tea and coffees are also to be consumed periodically since they also have the caffeine content which deprives the body of water and hence cause digestion problems.

Dos : Well, the list of dos is pretty big. Cookies are a desirable product to carry around when one is traveling or even driving. The reason is that wheat flour is used to make most of the cookies and hence they are more energy giving to the body than other substances. Gooey cookies are to be avoided coz they end up messing the interiors of the car leading to tiresome amounts of time for cleaning and also the worry of infestation by pests. For a road trip, dry cookies are the best option preferably the ones which have been brought to India by Oreo and other manufacturers. To fight hunger pangs, there is nothing better than fruits and those include the likes of apples, oranges and also bananas. Water content as also availability of vitamins is satisfied with the consumption of fruits. They are low in calories and easily digestible. On a drive, fibers may be lacking and fruits not only replenish the energy reserves but also ensure that the stock of fibers is maintained.

Another reasonably low cost option is nutri bars. Many would be surprised at the amount of nutrients that these bars provide for. Proteins, fiber and vitamins are what make up these nutri bars. Go to a store, check out a few bars and decide your choice for the trip. Dry fruits and nuts also make for a great meal companion on trips. One can pack in a whole variety of raisins with walnuts, almonds and also peanuts for the entire trip. Rational proportions is what these dry fruits and nuts are all about. The blood as also the digestive system are cleansed by them and they are also easy to digest. However, one thing needs to be taken care of and that is consuming them in small proportions. Too large helpings would result in an upset stomach.

Sun dried fruits are also of a great help as travel companions. They have a great taste and have the same nutritional benefits as regular fruits. Banana chips, figs and also dates are high in fibre and hence would comply to the norms of traveling. Sandwiches which are made of salad leaves, whole grain bread and also tomato slices is what are ideally considered as the ideal meal on a long trip. A topping of cheese would also do wonders. Minerals as also vitamins are amongst the list of nutrients that a sandwich would provide to the eater. Moreover, they are also filling too. Cakes are considered under the donts category but to ward off a bit of sugar craving, they make for a great snack. Moreover, if you have kids with you on the trip, nothing like it to keep them occupied with a piece of cake. If there are any diabetics traveling with you and they seem to lose sugar, then a bit of a cake would bring them back to the levels of sanity.

For the liquid needs, there is nothing better than good old plain water and if water is not readily available, then the usual juices from Tropicana and other manufacturers should hold you good enough. Minerals and vitamins are readily present in most of the juices and they are hence better for one’s health. The essential nutrients are also absorbed by the body if there is juice for company. Fruit juice adds to the fiber and vitamin quotient. They are also a refreshing way to beat the heat. For a long trip, individual sealed juice cartons are a good option. Energy drinks helps one stay awake and also focused. However, there is a limit to energy drink consumption as more than one can or tin on a journey would induce caffeine intoxication. Instead of drinks like Red Bull or Cloud Nine, Gatorade is preferred.

Whether one is traveling alone or with someone, snack ideas are designed for easy access and to steer away from fast food shops along the way. Taking breaks in between a journey helps in getting the blood circulation running in the body. To avoid dehydration, lots of water should also be taken in. Chewing gums are a good option while driving since they ward off the sleeping notion and also yawning.

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