Eight handy gadgets for the car

The concept of having everything under the same roof ain’t a new one and moreover has been popularized by the big malls that we see everyday. However the concept was strictly for lifestyle products. However with the advent of the automotive accessory market, this concept has become even more popular. Reliance Autozone is one of the best examples, with a good network of outlets. Moreover the internet age means many of the manufacturers can showcase their products all in one page. We have listed out the eight handy gadgets for a car in this article.

Bluetooth BlueAction Mirror Car Kit :

This mirror doesn’t need any special installation or splicing of wires. Infact it is as simple as fixing onto the rear view mirror. It acts as a communication device which is secure while driving via the Bluetooth in the cell phone. This is because the telephone numbers are easily displayed and on the mirror and you can also easily pickup the call via the in-built speaker phone or from a separate Bluetooth handset which is included therein. Features which are available with this kit are the redial option for the last dialed number, call waiting facility, to answer the call there is a one touch button and also the inbuilt feature to control volume or audio transfer. Audio enhancement features include digital signal processor, noise suppression with in-built microphone, 12 LED ID for the caller displays in mirror and vehicle portability for multi vehicle use. 15 hours talk time is the claimed battery life of this kit and it has got a Bluetooth connectivity with a range of 30 feet and a battery which is rechargeable internally. Its maximum retail price is Rs 4200.

SatGuide 3.5 inch Navi :

This device, needless to say, is a navigation device. It is touchscreen and has an easy interface with loads of digital entertainment features like audio and video player, photo viewer and also ebook reader. Like in the US, this navigation system also provides one with turn by turn directions via voice prompts. All this make this a handy device to own. A bright, clear touchscreen and easy to use central console and menus make this user friendly as well. Fast access is for given in this for the usually accessed menus. The Navi is powered by Centrality Atlas 3 400Mhz with 64 MB of internal memory and allows the addition of SD card memory, maximum upto 2GB. The preinstalled Sat Guide maps that this 3.5 inch navi comes with cover road maps of 820 plus cities and more than 2.5 million destinations. Its maximum price is Rs 6490.

Trackar Car Tracking :

Trackar provides security by tracking the car’s whereabouts and also securing the car remotely. It operates by detecting unauthorized movement. The car’s location is plotted by means of an on-board GPS receiver. This is connected to a mobile phone, which contacts both the service provider’s control center and also the owner of the car. The tracker also has a feature which allows the mobile phone to lock and unlock the car using a SMS. Voice commands are also supported by this system. Via a preselected mobile number, the car’s location can be tracked anytime by sending a SMS to the device. For this a SIM card has to be taken for the device as also its monthly bill would have to paid. This handy device is available for Rs 11,400.

12 volt Emergency Auto Starter :

This Portable 12 Volt Emergency Auto Starter provides the battery with a boost of power for starting problems or for the jump starting of dead batteries. The built in LED battery status indicator lets you know when its time to recharge the unit. Additional features of the lightweight booster pack include a 12 volt DC outlet which provides enough power to the electronics and accessories for long periods between charges. It has enough power in it for multiple jump starts. Its maximum price is Rs 1,299.

Tropicool Power Inverter :

This Tropicool Power Inverter uses 12 volt socket in the car to power itself and provide continuous AC power of 150 watts and peak power of 300 watts with an output frequency of 60Hz. The unit can effectively power most appliances like gaming devices, laptops, music, TV, lamps, players, faxes and also portable fans. It also has two outputs to simultaneously support them. The maximum retail price of this Inverter is Rs 2500.

Tropicool Ionizer :

This small gadget can be used in all the types of vehicles to clean the air of all the odours and particles inside the car. No perfume or fragrance is to be used. It absorbs the positive ions on an electrostatic metal inside its body. This gadget consumes just 0.6 watts to produce negative ions which are beneficial for health. The negative ion density is about 350k ions/cc at a distance of 40 cm from the device. Its maximum retail price is Rs 1206.

Tropicool Cool and Hot :

The kit’s insulation is made from CFC material making it environment friendly. Operating temperature range cooling is 5 degree Celsius for cold and 55 degree Celsius for hot, provided that the ambient temperature is around 25 degree Celsius. Power consumption is around 30 watts for cooling and 24 watts for heating and it also requires a 12 volt socket. It comes with an insulated stainless steel mug with a lid. Its price is Rs 1,500.

Tropicool Just Cool :

This is a simple device for cooling a standard sized can, of say cola, while on the move. The Tropicool Just Cool does not have a compressor or any other fancy cooling mechanism but it still manages to keep the contents of the can at a temperature between 7 and 10 degree Celsius. However the only requirement is that the ambient temperature inside the car should be around 25 degree Celsius or less. The power consumed from the car’s 12 volt power socket is 30 watts. The insulation of the device is made from CFC materials and is therefore not damaging to the environment. Two color choices are available namely blue and black, which complements most interior trims. The price of this device is Rs 1,200.

While most of the devices are available cheaply, some are easily available across some other stores. Whilst there is no brand name to most of the products, the more reputed ones would actually add more to the sticker price.

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  1. Where can I get the Sat Navi 3.5 Navi sysytem for the price of Rs 6490. Please give more details of the same…
    If I install the Tropicool Power Inverter in the car during running will it depleat the battery power of my vehicle…????

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