Ertiga’s Effects Enables Maruti to Scale New Heights

The utility vehicle section in the Indian market is rising continuously, and the country’s biggest passenger auto manufacturer Maruti is one of the chief recipients.

With the introduction of renowned Maruti Ertiga, the company devised the mini crossover multi purpose vehicles section in the domestic market, and never looked backward.

The 7 seater vehicle made such an impact that the company is contending to plug the demand-supply space in spite of running at jam-packed capacitance.

Ertiga's Effects Enables Maruti to Scale New Heights
Creating the biggest triumph tale of 2012, Maruti Ertiga comes in both versions comprising petrol and turbo diesel engine.

During September and October 2012, the auto major beat back Toyota to turn out to be the second biggest utility vehicle seller in the Indian market.

But, taking into account the initial seven months’ sales facts, Toyota is still leading Maruti but the ever growing demand for the Ertiga entails that Maruti has a positive chance of hitting Toyota to the second position.

Indian utility vehicle specialist Mahindra has secured its numero uno place because of the sturdy demand for its utility vehicles particularly for the newly rolled out Quanto mini sport utility vehicle. But, M&M’s market share has declined to around 47.5 per cent as compared to the last year’s 56.5 per cent.

Ertiga's Effects Enables Maruti to Scale New Heights
Maruti’s market share remains at 15.4 pr cent as compared to 2.1 per cent in the year 2011. In the similar period, Toyota’s share fell slightly (by 0.5 per cent) and stands at 17.5 per cent.

Healthy sales of Renault Duster positioned the French car maker at fourth position in utility vehicle section.

Mr. Mayank Pareek, chief operating officer (sales & marketing), Maruti Suzuki stated, “The firm is desiring to take the utility vehicle tale beyond Ertiga in the coming times”, suggesting the mini sport utility vehicle based on the XA Alpha idea exhibited at 2012’s Delhi Auto Expo.

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