Ferrari 488 GTB Revealed, Replaces 458

A revelation by Ferrari always turns out to be a legend. And when it’s at Geneva Motor Show, then the surprise hits a big size, though in a small packet. The Geneva Motor Show 2015 is bound to be an important milestone for the history of Ferrari. As reported, the company will end the production of its torch bearer 458 during September; the new product that will follow the league will be a “488 GTB” and is now revealed in virtual images ahead of its actual unveiling in Switzerland.

On the technical front, a 3.9-liter V8 twin-turbo engine of 670bhp @ 8000 rpm and 760Nm of torque @ 3000 rpm is placed. The 0-100 km/h is attained in 3 seconds, and the 0-200 km/h in a paltry time of 8.3 seconds before hitting the top-speed mark of 330 km/h.

The said amount of power from this mid-engined car is transferred to the rear wheels via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT). Though, the performance isn’t known from an actual test drive, but Ferrari in its manuscript claims the exhaust is modified and now it will deliver a fresh rhapsody of the sound – clear and distinct.

Ferrari 488 GTB Revealed, Replaces 458

Out on the styling front, a wider air dam caters he air flow with a splitter dividing it into two large sections for a more viable air movement and low down force. An active air flap at the diffuser lends the final touch to the aerodynamics. And LED headlamps are tweaked for the legacy changing purpose.

The cabin boasts similar cues to that of its predecessor 458, but those angular air vents and satellite control clusters with the skimpily revised instrument panel makes the most of it. The company claims 488 GTB of seeing the body-hugging seats and freshly made graphics for the infotainment system once when it will be launched.

The international market will get it in the showroom during September, whereas the Spider (convertible) version is bound to shed the cover at Frankfurt Motor Show this year.

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