Ferrari 599 replacement images leaked

Slated as a masterpiece out of the Ferrari garage, Ferrari 599 started off with a rage amongst Ferrari enthusiasts as it had everything a racing aficionado always aspired for. It has been a while since Ferrari is claiming that it will reveal a first look of the improvised and meaner version of the 599 and this hype has been spreading like wildfire amongst the people who have always considered Ferrari as the epitome of innovation and power. But it appears that the secret of the new Ferrari 599 has not be able to be kept behind covers for long as a new picture has been revealed which is said to be of the upgraded version of Ferrari 599. The new successor to the masterpiece is stated to be one of the most prevailing and dominant supercars to ever roll out of a Ferrari manufacturing unit.

Ferrari 599 replacement images leaked
It is being told that the new Ferrari 599 will be delivering a staggering power of 700 bhp which is something that has not been seen in any other Ferrari cars till date. Maranello is said to be the hub of Ferrari and houses the biggest manufacturing unit of Ferrari all across the world. It is the same place where Ferrari makes its Formula1 cars and tests them. Ferrari has given out a statement saying that the new look of the Ferrari 599 will officially be unveiled next Wednesday and thus the hype is building up like anything. Ferrari has already partially revealed the look of the new 599 in some teaser videos and now will finally be throwing the cover off the magnum opus.

GT was the platform where the new Ferrari 599 was launched. It is being said that the picture is of the new 599 and presents an aesthetic view of the car. Further specifications of the car have not been disclosed yet and Ferrari plans to reveal everything next Wednesday once they showcase the new Ferrari 599. The new Ferrari 599 is powered by a 6.3 L V12 engine capable of direct injection which is better than the previous engine of the 599 GT. The FXX Evoluzione version is capable of delivering a maximum power of 850 bhp. According to the reports, the new Ferrari 599 will be capable of delivering 710 bhp power which is almost 100 more than that of its predecessor.

The design of the car has been altered to a great extent and the ergonomics of the car have also been revamped to a considerable extent. Ferrari has always been setting a benchmark in the industry of automobiles with their groundbreaking innovations and designs. The new Ferrari 599 GT has been remodeled and the new design is said to be making an impact amongst Ferrari enthusiasts. The upgrade of ergonomics has increased the appeal of the car to a great extent and thus the hype circulating the launch of the new model is increasing at a considerable rate.

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