Ferrari Limited Edition Case For iPhone 6 And Samsung S5

The stamp of Ferrari on stuffs makes way for outrageously fetching deals. One such example is here from the bay of Prancing Horse logoed carmaker of Italy. The image posted down is of the carbon fiber case made for the buyers for iPhone 6 and Samsung S5. The maker is actually an official licensee of Ferrari, so pricing does have its advantage there, but the quality doesn’t seem compromised.

Wishfully, no one tempts to hate the logo of Ferrari on their phone cover, but this automaker apparently had targeted the gentlemen who wanted to make a statement every time while answering the phone.

Anonymously, both of the cases are almost same in build-up nature, but the one for iPhone costs cheap at $44, whereas the Samsung’s accessory falls pricier at $54.73!

Ferrari Limited Edition Case For iPhone 6 And Samsung S5

Well, over the tug of pricing the case does it mean that iPhone is losing its position off the list, handing it over to Samsung?

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