Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso finally speaks

Two-time F1 Championship winner, Fernando Alonso, Ferrari, finally spoke in an event conducted before the 2011 Singtel GP. He told Ferrari has to produce a car that would be competitive while racing at top level.

Alonso wasn’t happy with the Ferrari car this year and wants engineers at Ferrari to work on developing a race winning car for next season. The current 2011 F1 season belongs to Vettel who seamlessly is winning almost all the races with Red Bull, and the German would be eyeing a Championship right in Singapore on Sunday if everything goes as planned.

Alonso says this season is almost gone, and the title would be with Red Bull soon. He told Ferrari needed to concentrate on next season and has to be competitive from the beginning. He told since they were Ferrari they were confident, but have to be more competitive. He told at Ferrari there are talented people, good engineers and good designers.

Fernando AlonsoAlonso further says that this season’s been quite easy for Sebastian Vettel. He says with 6 races left Vettel has the odds favouring him to win the title mathematically, so Alonso expects a tougher next season.

The F1 Championship table shows Vettel leading at 284 points while Fernando Alonso is 2nd at 172 points. When asked about the massive gap in points, Alonso says everybody would like to watch the Championship finish in the penultimate or last race, which was happening in the past years. Alonso says Sebastian Vettel is driving this season with a very good Red Bull car and has done an excellent job. He told he didn’t feel great nor the spectators would since the title race was ending a bit sooner than expected, but it was all because of Vettel’s good job. Lastly, Alonso hopes to be driving a competitive car next season so they could fight with Red Bull and also aim and win a Championship.

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