FIA reassess Mercedes AMG Petronas car for illegal rear wing design

Formula 1 governing body FIA allowed the teams to draw power from the Drag-reduction System (DRS) to gain higher position at fast corners. However, the Mercedes AMG Petronas GP will have their car reassessed after several complaints from the rival teams on a rear wing design giving the car unlawful advantage. FIA will be reassessing its position on the validity of a controversial design feature on the Mercedes car.

Introduced back in 2011, the DRS allows the car’s rear-wing flaps to open and close under driver’s command to aerodynamically attain more down force while cornering; and it gives additional speed (over 10 kmph) on stretches allowing the driver to overtake. However, the speed boosting device can only be activated at the ‘activation’ zone on the track and only after few laps.

FIA reassess Mercedes AMG Petronas car for illegal rear wing design

This system had received oppositions from several teams as the FIA rule suggests, any driver involvement in changing the car’s aerodynamics is illegal. However, Mercedes confirmed that they designed the system after receiving approval from FIA.

Rival teams claim that the use of the DRS gives as much as 0.5 seconds a lap advantage, which is significantly high in the world of Formula racing. Red bull and Lotus are two of the leading teams objecting the Mercedes team’s rear wing design. The teams have approached race director Charlie Whiting to take serious action against this system before the Australian Grand Prix commenced in March. They have constantly protested against it post the return from the event in Malaysian last week. Whiting has confirmed that he is ready to look into the matter before giving any final words for the use of DRS.

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