First car from the Indiandrives garage sold

Come one day or the other we just keep on harping how is the best automotive portal in India (and now even gunning for the world scene) but then words don’t do justice here. Time has come to actually show the world the figures that this 5 month old website has done which many of the websites in India wouldn’t even think of. Now you would call it as “blowing your own trumpet” but then there is the proof of why we are so proud of the Indiandrives website.

Most of the automobile websites would just put up reviews and other things which we already are doing. In addition, they would also put up names of dealers that you can visit and purchase a new or used car from but will any website have its own inventory? We don’t think so and with this very idea, we are starting up our very own inventory within a few days. There would be about 20 cars listed for starters and within 2 months more than 100 cars would be part of the inventory. These cars would go through certain point checks before been listed in our inventory. Moreover, they would carry a 6 month warranty tag on the engine and transmission from our end. In addition, there would be many goodies that would be offered to prospective buyers. Well, that is for the near future.

For the present, another milestone that we have achieved is selling the first used car from the Indiandrives portal. Yes, it was a used car which was listed by a dealer on our website and within 3 days of it been listed, one of the followers of our website contacted the dealer and brought the 2004 Honda City Exi . We have attached some pictures for your reference here. As they say, “This is just the tip of the iceberg”. Wait and watch how the portal is elevated to the next level.

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