Force Gurkha Becomes A Desi Mercedes G-Class For INR 6.5 lakhs

Force Gurkha Becomes A Desi Mercedes G-Class For INR 6.5 lakhs

A company named Color Glo Kerala had undertaken a project to transform a Force Gurkha into a Mercedes G-Class Wagen. Now we can report to you that the project is complete and the car has been priced at Rs.6.5 lakhs.

Excluding the cost of a Gurkha, the transformation will cost Rs.6.5 Lakhs for the SWB version and Rs.7.13 Lakhs for the lwb version and can be completed in 45 days. Apparently, a second conversion is in the works.

What was interesting about the first build was that the fabricator had never seen a real G Wagen up close, so Anish Vincent, owner of Color Glo Kerala, had to buy a scale model for reference.

Apart from the visual makeover, the workshop had to reinforce all the joints of the Gurkha’s body work, eliminate all the rattles and vibrations, add a 6 mm damping sheet as well as heat insulation coating, re-coat all the plastic bits, wrap the dashboard with leather featuring a double seam stitch pattern, and replace the seats to replicate the premium feel and driving experience of an actual G Wagen.

There are no mechanical changes. The Gurkha is based on an old Mercedes G Wagen platform and is powered by the Mercedes OM 616 derived 2.6-litre turbocharged inter-cooled, direct injection diesel engine with 85hp & 230 Nm torque.

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