Force India has Dismal Run at Canadian GP

Force India F1 Racing Team’s dreams did not come true, as they did not have a good run at the recent Canadian GP. While Paul Di Resta came in at the 18 place, Adrian Sutil, did not even manage to complete the race.

The torrential rain in Montreal managed to cause more than two hours delay to the GP. As proceedings finally began, Sutil and Di Resta raced hard, however, were unable to bring in any points finishes. Di Resta who began at 11th position on grid, blames the rainy weather. He said that the weather conditions today were bad, and they made a right decision of halting the race, following the heavy downpour. There were many rivers flowing across tracks, which were affecting people even with the car safety conditions.

As a result he even received a penalty of drive-through which he was surprised to get as it compromised him. Following that, during the last few laps, his car was punctured as he clipped a wall, which is why he parked it. Adding that it was a shame as they car they had that day was strong and would have earned them significant points.

According to reports, Sutil was disappointed the most, as he visibility was affected on track, owing to the heavy downpour. The German began at the 14th position on grid. He said that during the beginning of the race, visibility was quite poor with very less grip because of the rain slick track.

He also faced problems with full wets, causing him to change to intermediates early on that were good during the first few laps till it started raining harder. During the restart he was doing well till he got very near Rosberg during the time the safety car came out. He also explained during hairpin turns, all cars ahead of him were slowing down lot, resulting in him getting caught and damaging his front wing.

His car was still okay and he did not lose a lot of time. Following the penalty of drive-through, he decided to take the risk of changing to dry tyres, however it proved few laps early. During his lap out, he came in contact with the wall, breaking his rear left suspension.

The team principal and chairman of Force India, Vijay Mallya, said that his drivers would have had points finish, if the conditions were any better. He said circumstances at the race did not favour them.

Both the Force India F1 race team drives tool damage to their front wings, devoid of which he is confident they would have had double-points end to the race, as strategic calls from their pit were quite good today. They will now go home and analyze their approach in this race, so they are stronger during the Valencia round.

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