Ford Fiesta Classic 1.6 Gives Buyers A Last Chance To Buy

The debate of compact sedans and proper sedans from an enthusiasts’ perception will always lead to appreciation of the latter. Here, the Ford Fiesta Classic, which was once called as Fiesta, will soon follow a disappointment with its discontinuation to allow the Ford Aspire compact sedan to take over the rein.

Though, the Ford India has already unveiled the said compact sedan, and the launch can take place anytime soon. Here, the gist is, for enthusiasts it is the last chance to buy Classic which is a proper driver’s car. The talk is not about its underpowered diesel engine of 1.4-litre Duratorq that sends 68PS and 160NM of torque. Instead, we stress the 1.6-litre Duratec petrol engine sending 101PS and 146Nm of torque as a proper option for the self-driven.

However, the same engine has gone through the number of detuning process in the recent to turn up as 1.5-litre for the new Fiesta with Aston Martin like grille, but the newbie wasn’t a match for the legacy of Classic.

Ford Fiesta Classic 1.6 Gives Buyers A Last Chance To Buy

Hence, the price of Fiesta Classic starts at Rs 5.06 lakh and ends at Rs 7.68 lakh, which really makes it a worth to buy. The upcoming Figo Aspire sedan will see a new 1.2-litre TiVCT engine straightly lifted from the Figo hatchback, which is something a one can called as a weakest machine of the segment.

Ford Fiesta Classic 1.6 Gives Buyers A Last Chance To Buy

On the last count, Ford sold approximately the same number of Classic, specifically 5,849 units, last year which the Honda Amaze sells in a month. All thanks to the outdated quality and features that relates to the trend five years back. Still, the drive quality is something one can vouch for.

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