Ford Fiesta sedan – a used buy

Ford Fiesta sedan was introduced in India in the year 2005. Globally speaking this was a replacement for the Ford Ikon however as is the trend in India, the Ford Fiesta sedan and the Ford Ikon do sell side by side. Since it has been more than 5 years that the Ford Fiesta has been on the Indian roads, there are many that one would find on the used car market. We bring to you the dos and don’t’s of  buying a used specimen.

The paint work of the Ford Fiesta sedan when launched was sort of dull like. There were many grey areas however the paint was hard wearing and there were no other complaints with it. It was only in 2008 which saw Ford Motors bring on the electric blue color which livened up things. The major concern of any used car buyer is the engine of a car. Without doubt, the engines in the Ford Fiesta, the 1.4 liter petrol and the 1.4 liter diesel are trouble free. The hooligan of an engine, the 1.6 liter is also reliable however many of the earlier customers had noted that this engine sometimes tends to stall if you rev it too hard. This may be due to a faulty timing belt. This was replaced by Ford Motors under warranty.

The 1.4 liter diesel produces 68 Bhp and 160Nm of torque. This is the motor to go for effortless driving. It is mated with a 5 speed manual transmission which is amongst the best in its segment. The 1.4 liter petrol motor is avoidable as it didn’t have much power and gives approximately 10 kmpl mileage in the city and 14 kmpl on the highway. The 1.6 liter petrol on the other hand gives 9 kmpl in the city and 15 kmpl on the highway. It boasts of 101 Bhp peak power. Check out for the clutch bearings as they have been known to pack up after the 40,000 kms mark.

The interiors of the Ford Fiesta sedan weren’t very good and of high quality. Infact, after some years of use, the pedals and the gear lever start showing signs of been used. They start giving that shiny look. The electricals were generally trouble free but then one thing to watch out is the operation of the power windows and wiper stalks. Some cars were reported as been having a failed windscreen washer. Those gremlins were ironed out in later editions. The Fiesta however suffered from less interior space at the back. If you can live with it, then it is a good sedan. Boot space is also okay at 430 liters.

The suspension is another aspect which needs some TLC(Tender Loving Care). The soft suspension set up in the diesel version meant that the suspension joints needed replacement after the 50,000 kms mark. These aren’t that expensive and should fit quite into the bill. Ford Motors India Limited were known to have shoddy service and also expensive spare parts however all that has changed now and the company is known to be on those having better service centers and less expensive spare parts. A used 2005 1.4 liter diesel Ford Fiesta sedan would go for Rs 4.3 lakhs as opposed to Rs 6.8 lakhs when new whereas the used petrol model would go for Rs 3.8 lakhs. The more elusive 1.6 liter petrol holds its value well and driver’s car tag well and retails for Rs 5.7 lakhs. This is the one to go for if you love driving and wouldn’t care a damn about the fuel efficiency.  Just adhere to the regular servicing schedules and this should be all. The best places to scout for this cars would be the reputed First Choice or Faizalbouys outlet. Some of the Ford show rooms also have used car specimens which would retail for a higher price but then would carry a warranty and piece of mind.

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