Ford Focus Revealed at MWC 2014: Gets New In-Car Technology

The American multinational automaker has announced that the all-new 2014 Ford Focus will be the first vehicle in Europe to feature its sophisticated, voice activated in-car system, SYNC 2. It gets advance voice control and a high-res color touchscreen display over the in-built applications like those for navigation, climate control, music and superior control over connected mobile phones. The 2014 Focus will also be the first on sale internationally to include handsfree perpendicular parking technology of Ford. This helps drivers reverse into space side by side with other vehicles. Ford SYNC 2 gets a split screen navigation system with guide and green guide from Michelin, landmark views, 3D highway junction graphics, spoken street names and detailed instructions.

As with the other in-car features, it can be used through one touch of the voice control button and understands simple commands like “I am hungry”. This example will bring up a list of restaurants in the immediate area. Perpendicular Parking is an addition to Active Park Assist found in previous models. It uses 2 sensors placed at the back of the vehicle to map out a parking space sufficiently to control the vehicle’s steering while the user works the throttle to ease the vehicle into the slot. Other new technology revealed by the automaker in 2014 Ford Focus (which will be introduced at Geneva Auto Show and released in the second half of 2014) include Perpendicular Parking, 8-inch high resolution touchscreen, Blind Spot Information System, Cross Traffic Alert, My Key and City Stop.

2014 Ford Focus

My Key allows owners to program their keys to enforce restrictions on the vehicle such as maximum volume of audio system and top and even disable the engine if seatbelt is undone. For example, parents can loan their vehicle to a son or daughter without worrying that they might overstep the barriers. Other features of 2014 Ford Focus include enhanced handing and steering and enhanced adaptive front lighting system, which adjusts headlight beam to best suit the road ahead. Notably, before the introduction of SYNC 2 in Focus, the automaker was reportedly set to adopt QNX of BlackBerry for its next-generation Sync in-car system, ditching Microsoft’s Windows in the process. For now, whether SYNC 2 actually features QNX technology has yet to be independently confirmed.

2014 Ford Focus interiors

Ford reportedly hopes a switch to BlackBerry’s QNX system will enhance the situation. Susannah Wesley, a spokeswoman for Ford, told Bits that we work with a variety of suppliers and partners for developing and continuously enhancing our in-car connectivity systems for customers. We don’t discuss details of our work with others or speculate on future products for competitive reasons.

Ford Focus Revealed at MWC

There is no word on pricing; however Ford will be introducing the 2014 Ford Focus at 2014 Geneva Auto Show, so stay tuned for more updates. The car will be available to buy in the second-half of 2014.

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