Ford sets sales record in India during September 2013

However, there doesn’t lays any doubt that Ford is hosting a toast of champagne after launching the EcoSport on Indian shores for such competitive price. To an addition, the American carmaker now also claims, it too registered a record sale of 14,217 vehicles during September 2013.

Hope so there doesn’t need to mention, most of the vehicles being sold last month from Ford’s showroom were the EcoSport, and not some of the other badges.

Out of the total 14,217, 10,640 vehicles were sold locally, while 3,577 were exported to other countries.

Hence, we can now utter that Ford managed to make a big in the rustling times of industry, as whopped an overall sales growth of 51 percent over the numbers of September 2012. To an addition domestic sales also went up by 37 percent in September 2013 with the 10,640 units, against 7,794 units reported in the same period of last year.

Ford EcoSport
The exports now added new markets to the list of Ford, where Taiwan can be named as a one.

“Our exciting range of fuel-efficient, reliable and value for money products seems to have struck a chord with our valued customers and we will continue to build on this through the auspicious festive season,” said Vinay Piparsania, Ford India’s executive director of Marketing, Sales and Service.

Confronting the festive season, Ford India had rolled-off various offers on its badges in recent times to lure more footfalls in the showroom. Lest, Ford also said, more (offers) are there to come on the upcoming festivals, and would continue till the festivities end by month of November-December. “We, along with our partners, are working hard to optimize deliveries and reduce the waiting time in delivering Ford products to customers, to make the festive season even more special for them,” concluded Piparsania.

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