Ford unveils numerous community projects on the occasion of Global week of caring

On the seventh occasion of Global Week of Caring, Ford took an initiative of bringing forth people from all walks of life to join Ford in India volunteers group and thereby carry out various projects meant for people from all communities. The initiative kicked off with 12,000 employees of Ford and was joined by retirees as well as dealers from all across the country. Ford on this occasion is going to carry out scores of community-oriented projects and that too across six continents around the world. The activities will be taking place in parts of Delhi, Coimbatore, Chennai and Sanand. Volunteers include employees of Ford India as well as those of the Global Business Services of Ford. All these volunteers have come together to promote a common initiative of the betterment of resources for people of varied communities in order to emblazon the spirit of “Go Further” campaign.

All of the operations took place in the span of 7th Sept- 15th Sept between which the volunteers visited numerous parts of the aforementioned cities and interacted with communities providing them amenities. The Ford Volunteers Corp specially visited the communities which are based in the vicinity of Ford operations in India. Many eye check-up camps as well as awareness campaigns were kicked off especially for school children and elderly in order to make way towards a healthy environment. Sanitation was one of the primary concerns when the team visited the locations as there were a few cities where the sanitation facilities were not adequate. These points were to be pondered and Ford Volunteers took it up to themselves to make way for the betterment of these facilities.

Ford unveils numerous community projects on the occasion of Global week of caring

Rural education was also amongst the prime concerns and this on the occasion of GWC, Ford Volunteers organized Literacy Melaswherein rural women were given lessons in tailoring and taught values of society as well. Furthermore, volunteers of Ford highlighted the importance of handling projects efficiently to people and gave them tips to proceed with any initiative that they wish to take up. Some of the initiatives included the edifice of toilets in schools, distribution of shoes amongst students, installing water purifiers in schools and institutions, etc. General population was called upon for the betterment of the facilities and their support was garnered by Ford Volunteers.

Michael Boneham who heads Ford India as its President and Managing Director confirmed his presence at the conclusive ceremony held at Melrosapuram CSI School, Chennaiand added that every year Ford made it a point to celebrate Global Week of Caring in order to get to the grass-root levels of the problems which are affecting the local communities. He further thanked all the volunteers who took part in this noble initiative and planted toilets as well as water purifiers across schools and institutions.

Just like “Operation Goodwill”, Ford has given its word that it will continue to celebrate Global Week of Caring every year in order to connect with people from all communities.

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