Fuel rates to be hiked once again

Petrol rate will be increased by around 30 paise a litre and diesel value by approximately 18 paise per litre after administration planned to augment the commission paid to the holders of petrol pump.

The Petroleum Ministry said that it will enhance the commission of petrol pump dealers to Rs 1.799 a litre as against Rs 1.499 per litre at the moment.

The similar on diesel has been increased to Rs 1.09 per litre as compared to 91 paise.

The Petroleum Ministry stated that the said increase would be effectual either today or from tomorrow, hinging upon when the office forwards a formal note to oil firms.

Fuel rates to be hiked once again
Petrol is presently valued at Rs 67.90 a litre in the national capital and diesel Rs 46.95.

The said augmentation in dealer payment is the first since July last year.

During the month of July, the commission was increased by 28 paise on petrol and by 15.5 paise on diesel.

Mr. Ajay Bansal, Federation of All India Petroleum Traders General Secretary, stated that the increase is short of their demand of 67 paise augmentation in commission on petrol and 42 paise on diesel, taking into account steep increase in operating expenses of a petrol pump.

“A few of our operating expenses such as operating pumps on generators, free services (like air and water) and increase in evaporation, seem to have not been considered while computing the projected commission,” he said.

The administration had earlier this month heightened the commission forwarded to LPG distributers by around Rs 11.42 a cylinder. Subsidised LPG in the national capital currently cost Rs 410.42 a cylinder, up from Rs 399.

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