GM India Aims to Expand Production Output by 80%

General Motors India will be hiring 1,000 new people by 2012 as they look forward to increasing their production capacity to 4.1 lakh units in a year, up by 80% at their two facilities. It was recently reported that the manufacturer which has two plants at Talegoan, Maharashtra and Halol, Gujarat is going to invest around $500mn  by 2012 year end as they plan to strengthen their R&D activities and increase their production capacity.

The MD and President of GM India, Karl Slym was quoted as saying that they are investing around $500mn for expanding their production output at both their Talegoan and Halol production plants. They will probably be adding 1,000 people in order to meet these requirements by next year end.

The additional recruitments will reportedly include new recruitments for their R&D division located in Bangalore. Slym also added that most of the new employees are to be inducted at their two plants. GM reportedly employs 4,000 people, of which half are employed in the company’s R&D activities in Bangalore.

The company will increase production capacity at their Halol plant to 1.1 lakh units per annum compared to the 85,000 units produced currently. Meanwhile, their Talegoan plant will produce around 3 lakh units compared to the 1.4 lakh units produced currently. Slym further added that construction activities are currently being carried out at their plants so as to increase their production capacities. Both these plants will receive an investment of $250mn each by 2012.

They were also reports about the company is planning to expand their capacity so that they can roll out commercial vehicles of their Chinese partner SAIC in India by 2011 year end. According to Slym, commercial vehicles from their Chinese partner’s portfolio are to be produced at their Halol plant, one each for cars and commercial vehicles.

Slym reportedly said that their company is intending to sell around 1.5 lakh models this year, in comparision to the 1.1 lakh units sold last year. He reportedly said that the market looks good so far and they expect it to grow further. Their target is to achieve sale of 3 lakh models in the year 2013. In order to achieve this target, they hope to sell 2 lakh units in the year 2012.

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