GM India Considers Increasing Diesel Variants in their Portfolio

The increasing fuel prices along with the widening gap between diesel and petrol prices have caused more customers to opt for diesel powered variants. According to recent reports, GM is hoping to turn this into an advantage for them, as they hope to increase their line up of diesel powered variants, with the increasing demand.

GM India will soon launch their diesel powered Beat, and are keeping their options open for introducing more diesel powered variants of their other models as well. The MD and President of GM India, Karl Slym, said that they also considered extending a diesel option to their customers.

When asked if they would be considering launching a diesel powered variant for their luxury Aveo UVA hatchback, and the Aveo, entry level sedan as well, he said they are always interested in introducing a diesel variant in their other segments as well. Currently the Aveo UVA hatchback is offered in just the petrol variant, whereas the Aveo sedan is available in a CNG and petrol variant.

According to reports, he stated the demand for diesel powered cars has been increasing because of the price gap between diesel and petrol fuel that is currently a difference of Rs.26 per litre. They cannot control the prices of petrol; however they are getting ready to meet customer demands for diesel variants.

GM India already has production capacity for catering to diesel demand at their Talegaon engine facility, which has an annual production capacity of 1.6 lakh units that are capable to meet the increased requirement. Slym added that their engine plant with its 1.5l capacity is totally flexible for diesel and petrol engines. So that for them capacity is not yet a constraint.

The latest diesel Beat variant is scheduled for launch this month, and will be equipped with a 3 cylinder 1l engine that is produced from their Talegaon plant. Slym also said that while the technology is borrowed from their Europe division, they have adapted it, so as to meet Indian conditions. The diesel powered Beat is available only in the Indian auto market and nowhere else.

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