Hazardous teen driving habits

So, now when I look back at my teens, I realise how foolish I and my friends have been. We used to haul as many friends as possible in a car and used to do all other foolish stuff we thought are crazy besides thinking that they are happening. Though, the reason behind so many friends in one car was very simple because we had only 1 car in a group of 7 people and the cost cutting was also important for us. Anyways let bygones be bygones. So, we’ll talk about the present and the present teens and their hazardous driving habits. There are trillions of problem attached with a teen driving a car, even if you think he\she is responsible enough to be handed over a car key.

Recently, a survey report of a private survey company states that nearly 80% of teen drivers engage themselves in some or the other risky behaviours while driving a car. This figure was strong enough to let my conscience be drawn towards this issue. So, in case if you are wondering why such topic, then that is my answer. While there are many general problems that a teen engages himself\herself in, while driving a car, there are also some major problems. So, let’s discuss and make you aware about the various current driving practises of teens in our country which might pose to be a great risk factor for them as well as other road users.

Using cell phone while driving:

While the reports suggested that a total of 51 percent of teens use their cell phone while driving I expect that it will be even more than that. It’s almost hard to believe that ‘only’ 51 percent of teens use their cell phone while driving because on a daily basis I encounter many people especially teens fiddling with their phone and driving. Anyways, I don’t think that this habit is totally their fault, as they generally see many people doing that, so they think it’s not that dangerous. Especially if a teen sees that his/ her parent is doing that then they obviously try to imitate them. Also, this cell phone has really become an absolute piece of nonsense in our society with even a kid handling a N97 in his hands.

Over crowding the car:

Like the way I said it earlier, 7 people and 1 car. So, that is the problem, I realised it much much later, though no harm occurred to us but everyone is not that lucky. You might think that it is not much of a deal, just hide couple of people inside the car whenever you see a Pandu standing in front of your car and then you are safe. I would say try to understand the mechanics of the car, why is it so that they say that this car is suitable for 4 or 5 elders only, while you can fit your whole batch inside it? Don’t try to fool yourself besides fooling the poor fellow.


I don’t know why but kids these days think that all of them will make it to the sequel of either Dhoom or Too Fast and Furious. I don’t know why they are in such a hurry. Keep a close tab on your watch. Make yourself available before time and then there is no point in speeding up. Also, I don’t understand the fact that to whom you are trying to prove that you are a hell of a driver? Seriously, to whom you are proving that?

So now a days kids have this thing going in their mind that they are multi tasking, but in actual sense when it is about driving it’s not about being multi tasking but it is about focusing on the road and driving with your conscience awake and not rather be faded in the smell of booze or the air of speed.

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