Honda Brio Amaze to carry a very aggressive price tag

As per reports, auto giant Honda has been under pressure in the Indian car market owing to the lack of a diesel alternative in its quite inspiring petrol line-up of vehicles.

And whilst Honda is not ignorant of this reality, they have just took up the decision to cross the diesel bandwagon and the trial product for this will be the Brio based Honda Amaze sedan.

And to this effect, the company proposes to set the value of the Amaze very aggressively as a straight war for Maruti Suzuki’s well known model, Dzire.

Honda Brio Amaze to carry a very aggressive price tag
Mr. Jnaneswar Sen, Honda India’s senior vice president, confirmed this information in a declaration where he said, “We propose to roll out the diesel car at a very aggressive value, which would necessitate high intensity of localization in the domestic market.”

“We have settled down proposals to establish a diesel engine facility at Tapukara in the state of Rajasthan by the coming year but the finer details regarding capacitance and investments are yet to be figured out.”

The company proposes to roll out the vehicle with the 1.5-litre diesel engine, which will be constructed particularly for the diesel refinement levels in the Indian market.

In addition, Honda is making plans to launch a facility in Tapukara, the valuation will definitely be destructive thanks to exceeding localization.

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