Honda to launch Acura in India: Report

Honda has taken up a ‘revival’ with diesel engine in India. Now the latest for us from this Japanese marquee is the ‘Acura’, says a report of Autocar India on internet.

Though, the decision is tough and is regarded of doing a lot of sneak peek. We expect the Hironori Kanayama, President, Honda Cars India is playing the right aces with the new luxury brand for our local shores.

“We are not concentrating on premium cars at the moment. But once this segment starts to grow and mature, Honda will consider bringing its luxury brand Acura here,” commented the Honda president in an exclusive interview with the said media house.

Honda to launch Acura in India
In fact, the Acura is a hot seldom for markets like China and US. But the same for India also seems to be surviving very well, when there are Audis, Merc and BMWs being sold in whopping numbers.

The Acura RLX luxury saloon (which is larger than Accord), and MDX SUV (around the size of a BMW X5), seems conducive for India launch. Guessing game says, both the vehicle may carry a price tag of approximately Rs. 40 lakh if launched.

Very importantly, there doesn’t needs to develop the imagination of these cars being built at local assemblies, during the initial stage; CBU looks of more strategic importance when drawing down the options of selling them in India.

Just remembered, the Toyota (for Lexus) and Nissan (for Infiniti), were also thinking of launching those brands here in India. But talking appropriately, they then decided not to roll them out on Indian shores due to our degrading market conditions.

Source: Autocar

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