Hottest deals for the month of January 2011

The new year has just started, we have just started to smell the coffee and the car manufacturers have already started to offer discounts for their old car models. This is actually to clear stocks and to make way for their new launches or replacement cars for the calendar year 2011. We have got a list of those new hot deals and we have elaborated on them here in Indiandrives.

Chevrolet Spark:

GMI’s small car offering in India, the Chevrolet Spark has been facing the heat from the competition and to make it a desirable proposition for new customers, General Motors India are offering a whooping discount of Rs 45,000 on any variant from this range. The price to pay for this is that you wouldn’t get the three years free service maintenance. We at Indiandrives would suggest that not to opt for the discount since the maintenance deal is a better one. However it would still be left to the customers as to which option they want to choose.

Fiat Punto:

Fiat Punto is now been offered with a free insurance package. Some of the dealers are also offering cash discounts upto Rs 5,000. The first year’s insurance would otherwise cost you Rs 20,000. In total, the benefits come upto Rs 25,000. All those who were fans of the Fiat Punto, can splurge themselves now with this exotic Italian masterpiece.

Ford Fiesta:

Ford Motors India Limited are trying to clear stocks of the existing old model of Ford Fiesta. For 2011, they are going to launch an entirely different looking model than the current one on sale. There is a huge discount going on for the car and it includes a flat cash discount in the range of Rs 43,000 to Rs 71,000. This would depend on which variant you select. That saying, the Ford saloon in itself is a very competent product and one which has won laurels for its ride, handling and frugality package.

Honda Accord:

Honda’s flagship car in India, the Honda Accord gets a discount offer now. It is available with a flat Rs 40,000 cash discount on all the variants. In addition to that, customers are also been offered free insurance on all the variants. We have seen the maximum cost of the insurance going upto Rs 70,000. With a diesel Honda Accord on the anvil, there couldn’t have been a better time to buy a petrol Honda Accord.

Honda Civic:

The all time best seller from the Honda Siel Motors Limited stable, the Honda Civic, was never offered with any discounts. However in the wake of new competition, the company is now offering the Honda Civic with free insurance. Depending on the variant, this can go upto Rs 40,000. Additionally, there is a flat discount of Rs 40,000, whichever variant one selects. The mathematic geeks would figure out that this totals to Rs 80,000 off on the Honda Civic. We would recommend that this is the right time to empty your pockets for the desirable Honda Civic.

Hyundai I10:

The new Hyundai I10 is now been offered with a discount. It gets free insurance on it and that would amount to Rs 15,000 depending on the variant selected. As is the norm, Hyundai Motors India Limited is also offering a Rs 15,000 exchange bonus on this car, but, the condition is that you trade in your existing car at the Hyundai show room. We would suggest you to wait as the company would be going to offer many more discounts for the same car in the future.

Hyundai Verna Transform:

Hyundai’s slow selling entry level sedan, the Hyundai Verna Transform is now been offered with a free insurance. Moreover, various Hyundai dealerships which offer the exchange facility, can get you an exchange bonus of Rs 20,000 if at all you have plans of exchanging your existing car at that outlet. The free insurance has a maximum value of Rs 25,000. Hyundai Verna Transform may not be replaced for the year 2011 as it just came with a facelift for the year 2010. So all those wanting a no nonsense saloon from the Hyundai stables, suit yourself with the Hyundai Verna.

Mahindra Scorpio:

Mahindra and Mahindra are offering corporate buyers of their much lauded SUV, the Mahindra Scorpio with a Rs 5,000 discount. For the others, depending on the variant you choose, one would also get cash discounts of Rs 20,000 to Rs 45,000. This is the right time to buy this SUV however if you could prefer to wait, there would be more discounts since the company has plans to launch their new SUVs in the coming months.

Mahindra Xylo:

Buyers for this rugged Mahindra UV would be pleased to know that there is a good discount now been offered on the Mahindra Xylo. Depending on the variant, one can get discounts from Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000. As was the case with the Mahindra Scorpio, if you are working for a listed corporate company, you get additional cash benefits of Rs 5,000. The Xylo is unlikely to be changed and hence would be a correct buy for any one looking forward for a spacious UV.

Maruti Estilo:

Maruti Suzuki India Limited have begun an aggressive campaign to get the slow moving Maruti Estilo out of show rooms. The new ad campaigns portray the car as a youthful one. Taking this forward is the Rs 35,000 cash discount been offered on this car now.Moreover, if you have plans to sell your existing car at the same Maruti dealership, you stand to gain Rs 15,000 as an exchange bonus. The Estilo had been recently revamped and there are less chances of it undergoing any major changes for 2011.

Maruti SX4:

Maruti’s rugged looking crossover saloon car, the Maruti SX4 is now been offered with a flat cash discount of Rs 60,000. In addition to it, if you plan to exchange your existing car at the dealership, you can get an additional Rs 20,000 exchange bonus. If you have an existing car that you want to trade in, then in total you get benefits of upto Rs 80,000, clearly a win-win situation.

Volkswagen Jetta:

One of the more classier models from the Volkswagen stables, the Volkswagen Jetta is now available with a first year’s free insurance package. This would mean savings of upto Rs 60,000 on the car, depending on the variant selected. With a new Volkswagen Jetta on the horizon, this is a ploy to clear the stocks of the old one so that the new one can have a clear entry.

As of now, these many are the only deals available. As and when we get the information regarding more deals, we would keep you updated.

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