How to make a safe call while driving

So there was a time when I used to wait hours and hours besides my landline phone so as to speak to my relatives. Then came the time when our telecom minister introduced a scheme in which we used to get discounted rates on specific timings and undoubtedly we used to prefer those timings to make calls. Then Reliance Infocom came with its ultimate plans and CELL PHONES. Those cell phones might not have the visibility value but they were extremely capable in breaking the chains of the ready to retire landline and its plans.

“Ab aalaam ye hai ki sab ke paas jeib mein mobile hain”

So, now days everyone has a cell phone in his/ her pocket. It has become a habit rather than a necessity. But it is not just cell phone, but there are many other habits which have been developed because of cell phones. Out of which the main problematic habit is the Cell phone driving. We usually see many people talking on the phone and driving (also riding for your information). I myself have many friends who have this unusually dangerous habit. It’s not that I haven’t warned them, but now it seems such a usual thing. So, for a safer side I’ve listed out few of the measures to them and that is what I’m sharing with you also.

First and foremost make sure that you know your cell phones really well. Read the manual supplied to you with the phone when you have purchased it. Read it thoroughly and know each and every detail of your cell phone. The features that you should be aware with your cell phones for sure are speed dial and redial. There might be other useful features as well in your cell phones that might really help you managing your call while driving. Since each and every cell phone is different from each other, you simply can’t ask few of your friends about it and think you know everything about your cell phone.

If possible try to keep a hands free device with you and not just keep it besides you, use it. Usually the hands free device is available with the cell phone but if you didn’t received any then there are various types of hands free devices available in the market. You can purchase according to your need, model and price. Since Bluetooth devices are usually known for its negative after effects on your ear so my suggestion would be to go for those normal earphones, cheaper and best.

Even if you don’t have an earphone and you think it’s not worth purchasing a earphone then at least what you can do is to keep your cell phone at very reachable distance from you. This is because then you don’t have to go overboard to reach out to your crying cell phone and you can still concentrate on the road. Now the catch is that while using your phone, keep a track of the situation, if you feel that the path is getting really messy then don’t use it. Anyways you are a better judge I guess. But seriously never ever distract yourself from the road. Now, this reminds me that you should not engage yourself in an argumentative conversation or any other distracting conversation. Pardon me for saying this but don’t engage in any conversation with your girlfriend/ boyfriend or spouse for that matter.

Now the last is, whenever you are dialling a number, though first and foremost you should not dial a number while driving, but then if it is so much of emergency and you have to really call someone up then I would suggest that you should first make yourself comfortable as in go and park in a bit separate area and then dial and don’t forget to keep your hazard lights switched on.

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  1. Avoid text and call while you driving. the important is our life be safe. prefer not to text or call . its can interrupt in you an can cause accident occurs…

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