Hyundai Discovers Its New Identity Standards

In order to ensure the uniform brand identity and competitiveness across showrooms and workshops for its customer, Hyundai Motor India Limited has renewed its corporate identity standards. Recently Hyundai announced its tie up with the Oriental Bank of Commerce and now this piece of news makes us think that it seems, with all the big names floating in the Indian automobile company now, Hyundai is feeling a little bit left out in the race. Anyways Hyundai Motors India Limited’s new corporate identity standards will be implemented in Hyundai Motors globally also.  By December 2010, Hyundai has already covered 204 outlets including dealerships, sales, service and advantage outlets. By the end of the next two months, Hyundai believes that this new corporate identity will be covered in all the 320 outlets. This new identity will be reflected by the new main fascia, pylon, entrance gate and also by projected signs at all the main customer touch points.

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