Hyundai Santro Discontinued In India

Hyundai’s perception for India hit the bull’s eye when its Santro found many buyers during 1998. Since then, this Korean automaker didn’t stop at all. With new launches one after another, the carmaker now had followed other biggies of industry rapidly, with being titled as the leading car exporter of this country. One sad news arrived our desk this afternoon claiming, the bread and butter of Hyundai – Santro – is discontinued from this country. It will be safe to say, Santro had proven tough competition for Maruti 800 in its own country, whereas the latter was a heartthrob of this audience before.

However, the last unit of Santro had been already produced, and production is ceased for the particular model. In the replacement, company is aiming to bring more profitable cars like Grand i10, Elite i20 and more.

Hyundai Santro Discontinued In India

The factors that made Santro to sell for these numbers of years are its peppy engine, solid gearbox, and its bodyline that stood by the time. On the top of all, it was also the Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, whose endorsement made it to knock and enter the heart of Indians during its initial days.

Right now, enjoyed the last phase as a profitable taxi car, Santro still held strong demand, whereas some dealers are reported to have stocked it in huge number with no hurry to sell them off.

Well, that’s all to say in its respect at the last demise. Since the Elite i20 is on the spearhead of carmaker. The officials had huge aim to sell it in far better numbers in comparison to Swift. So, expectedly, do we need to expect there will be a toned down version of the large hatchback (i20) referring to the comment, “Who says large hatchbacks don’t sell massively in India?” of company’s marketing head Rakesh Srivastava at an event.

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