Innova challenger by Volkswagen

When the microbus concept car was unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, few would have imagined that Volkswagen India would like to incorporate it in their lineup in India. The Microbus concept is actually thought from the 1950s van that Volkswagen had in their portfolio. Volkswagen have actually expressed their intent of bringing this Microbus concept to India, once it is put to production or even some other van from their portfolio to challenge the segment leader, the Toyota Innova.

Named Bulli, the Microbus concept measures under 4 meters, is 1.7 meters tall and 1.75 meters wide. At this size, it looks more to be a Tata Venture and Maruti Eeco rival. But then there are six seats for this concept car and it is very likely that Volkswagen India would elongate this car in a bid to be a direct comparison to the Innova. The engine options powering this car would be a 1.4 liter petrol and the 1.6 liter diesel from the Vento sedan. The concept car had an Ipad, which was removable, for the central console as well as seats that completely fold. If Volkswagen can actually manage to price this car well then they definitely have an edge over Toyota. Moreover, been a Volkswagen, the interior quality would also be top notch and a rung above Toyota’s.

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