Is Skoda Yeti Facelift Ready To Impress?

Skoda Yeti, didn’t profound its enthusiastic set of buyers after the launch in 2011, is now about to get fresh lease of life with the facelift getting launched soon. It is quite safe to utter it failed to appeal masses despite selling the customer centric cars for ages.

It isn’t ominously the pricing factor and the brand value that this Czech-based automaker fallen short on. Aiding to its woes were also the after-service math that shied away many onlookers due to its poor quality. The bad experience on the digital platform concerned the focus of customer extensively on one more locus. Despite having the amazing off-road qualities assisted by two engine options it tattered away the patrons to a different brand for their sophisticated off-road needs.

The 2011 Yeti was launched in India with options of 4×2 and 4×4 having power options of 110PS and 140PS respectively.

Skoda Yeti Facelift

Listing down the fallacies that the Skoda encountered with its SUV, certainly there surfaces three major hunchbacks that turned around the cashing pointers untowardly. Firstly, the ambitions pricing, it managed Skoda to get away many buyers empty handed from its showrooms in the time when the others were selling their products for a distinctly lesser price tag. Icing on the spilled cake was the scanty features provided in the cabin. The engagement then got broken for those who once thought of spending that huge chunk and betting on Skoda in this segment. Thirdly, the poor quality interiors damaged the Indian buying mentality immensely and let the carmaker roll off its dices as soon as possible from the SUV game.

Though, late is never too late, and the automaker wanted to scale down water for another time, the Yeti facelift that’s about to launch this month shall at least get those mistakes right from the first day. And delighting the customer base by reversing them from the bad past experience the VW-owned automaker shall also improve the service quality and rebuild the brand with new values.

Fist is opened about the new Yeti and certainly revealed the updates included only of alloys, headlamps and front grille. Otherwise, the interiors wasn’t changed that noticeably which it was desired for. The partly-fair-and-partly-unfair, Yeti facelift only has the last ace trump card to play is the pricing, which it must do it rightly. Because of the quite renowned trending SUVs among the class, audience had became quite conscious to the products and their rooting. Undoubtedly, as said above the Skoda is well-versed for producing the customer-centric cars, Yeti facelift shall also be raised on that focus too.

Hence, sneak out the good-luck charm from the books and hand it over to Skoda so that its visions and strategies relative to Yeti branding shall not fail once again just like the company’s own image, couldn’t get better even after launching its new logo and new models.

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