Is the Scenic MPV from Renault suited for India?

The Indian auto car market does not have a huge number of vehicles operating in its MPV segment. Renault, the car manufacturer from France, designs one such MPV, the Renault Scenic. The Scenic, however, has been restricted to the markets abroad as its manufacturer feels that the vehicle can function according to its potentiality only in those markets. In order to make the Renault Scenic work in India, the manufacturer has to have a definitive strategy in place, particularly addressing the price factor of this vehicle. In order to create the proper impact in the Indian market and also make it a profitable venture for its manufacturing concern, the Renault Scenic MPV needs to be priced somewhere between Rs.8 lakh and Rs.12.5 lakh. If this vehicle comes within this price range, it would then pose a direct challenge to the established market leader in this segment, which is the Toyota Innova.

The Renault Scenic has been blessed with all the desired attributes that an MPV should ideally have. It sports an overall classy look, which is greatly complimented by its dual-toned interiors in cream and black colors. All across the world, the Scenic is fitted with a petrol engine under its hood. However, to make it big in India, Renault India strongly needs to consider including a diesel engine variant. This is because the Indian auto market is going through a phase where the consumers have a growing demand for cars that have diesel engines. Renault can definitely consider affixing the Scenic with the same 1.4L diesel engine that has been given to its Renault Fluence car. The Renault Scenic, which is operating across the global market, has been provided with some top-of-the-line features including its cruise control and alloy wheels to mention a few. However, the biggest highlight in this package is its Sat-Nav like navigation system, which comes with the latest cutting edge technology.

Is the Scenic MPV from Renault suited for India?Renault India also needs to do some more comprehensive strategizing in order to increase the mass appeal of its Scenic MPV for the Indian market. It has to first and foremost realize the fact that this market is very price-sensitive. Hence before the Scenic debuts in the Indian market, Renault should look at stripping its base variant of all these up-market and expensive features. This could help in considerably bringing down the price of its base variant. Toyota Innova till date putting on nearly a one car show in the Indian MPV segment and no one really has come up strongly enough till today to challenge its position as the undisputed king in this segment. Although not even close to the share that the Innova has in this segment, the Mahindra Xylo does have bit of a presence in this segment. Even the largest car manufacturer of India, Maruti Suzuki thinks that this MPV segment could provide some great potential for it and thinking in these lines, the company is planning to launch its own vehicle for this segment, Maruti Ertiga.

All this points to one thing only. This is the ideal time and opportunity for the Renault Scenic to make its entrance into Indian auto market, albeit with the suggestions given to it for its success here.

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