Isuzu Opens Dealership In Noida

Isuzu’s aggressive strategy for penetrating India is gaining foothold with every passing day. The launch of D-Max pickup truck and MU-7 SUV are the only ones that company has on its board to offer with no plans of bringing something new to the shores. And to sell both of them it now opened a showroom in Noida (Uttar Pradesh).

Dubbed as Fahrenheit Isuzu, it is the first in that state, spawned over 14,000 sq ft.

UP is one of the most lucrative markets for automobiles in India with lot of provision for the commercial markets.

The plan of Japanese automaker is to open approximately 60 dealerships across the nation by end of 2015-16.

Isuzu Opens Dealership In Noida

At present Isuzu enjoys dealerships in Chennai, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Bangalore, Madurai, Tirupati, Visakhapatnam, Cochin, Delhi and Mumbai.With its strong resolution to bombast the market of North India, soon the setups will come up at Punjab, Gurgaon and Jaipur till March 2015.

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