Jaguar XKR-S in India preview

Jaguar have made quite a name for themselves around the automotive world however in India, even with Tata backing them, Jaguar are yet to deliver the goods. Too far and fetched, we would say. Its just the lack of show rooms which seem to be pushing Jaguar Land Rover’s sights too far away from being the luxury king of the Indian market. Well seems that Jaguar customers aren’t apparently strangers to the luxurious trims and perky performance from their cars. So in this view, Jaguar are introducing the Jaguar XKR-S in India. It is an everyday sports car thanks to its high ground clearance. Though much details haven’t been released on this car, it is rumored that it would be launched by early 2012 in India.

Feedbacks from Jaguar customers yielded to Jaguar producing the Jaguar XKR-S. Customers wanted something that can be aggressively driven around a corner and at the same time, feel comfortable on a race track and also be a sport to be shown up at the work place. A hot date would be an added incentive to impress and the Jaguar XKR-S makes no bones about it. The design brief given to the Jaguar team was simple. They were asked to make a stunning looking Jaguar like the ones from early 80s and mate a superb gearbox with a stonker of an engine. The whole frame on which this components would rest would also be super competent. This whole frame should be filled on the inside with luxury which would suit her Majesty herself.

Jaguar’s engineers had a motive to make this 5.0 liter direct injection petrol a bonker one. It makes a potent 542 Bhp of power which comes with 690 Nm of torque and is capable enough of going from 0-100 kmph in only under 8 seconds. The top whack that this super car would reach is a cool 315 kmph. It is the most powerful and advanced motor that Jaguar motors have managed to produce till now. As far as the emissions go, the Jaguar emits only 292 g/km  of CO2. As far as its British competition goes in the name of the Aston Martin Vantage V12, the Jaguar makes about 6 percent more power and 19 percent more accessible torque. Moreover its German competition in India, the Porsche 911 turbo also lags behind by a good 6 percent in the power stakes and 10 percent as far as the torque figures go. Imitating its German competitors, Jaguar also makes extensive use of aluminium for the construction of the frame. This makes the XKR-S more of a lithe animal. The chassis itself weighs just 285 kgs. However it is as rigid as the ones used for Audi. It is also used in the key suspension components and wheels. This reduces the unsprung mass to a great extent and at the same time bolsters the car’s handling and overall agility. A very important factor that the Jaguar engineers concentrated on was the sound of the car and how aurally appeasing it would be. To improve on its sound quality as also for the car to be a delight to prospective customers when they floor the throttle, Jaguar engineers installed an X-shaped piece into the exhaust of this car. This is the same system which mixes the exhaust gases from the right and left cylinder bank. A pneumatic exhaust valve blocks the flow of gases through the more restrictive route and forces it through a freer flowing pipe when required for a hard round of driving.

The fun doesn’t stop here. The suspension of this car has been highly tuned with sophisticated electronics which go a long way in determining the mannerisms and dynamics of the car. This is one car which needs to be looked into and one which 2 seater which everyone would be watching out for. The Jaguar XKR-S price in India is yet to be decided and hence much cannot be revealed about it. Expect it to come the CBU route and that means prices of upto Rs 1 crore. Well, it would take some time before coming to India and hence if you can, hold onto your cheque books for the cat is coming your way.

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