Jenson Button confident for second Formula 1 World title

This man does not know to take rest. Jenson Button aims at winning the second Formula One World Championship title and he seems convinced that he can deliver it.

The British driver believes that his car can provide him the platform he needs to fulfill his dream of becoming the 16th driver to achieve a two-time championship.

After giving two years to the McLaren team, last season the 32-year old driver proved himself finishing second with in the driver standings with 270 points, while his teammate Lewis Hamilton finished fifth with 227 points.

Jenson Button confident for second Formula 1 World title

McLaren signed Button in 2010 from Red Bull Racing, and the British driver was able to finish fifth in his debut year with McLaren, believes he has grown up with the team, and is a very big part of it. He suggests that the conditions are right for securing a second world title at Formula One and there is no excuse if he doesn’t come up to the challenge.

Jenson Button has developed good relations with the team and it would be a great deal if he wins the world title after just two years of signing with McLaren. He has explored variations in set-up and tested the car for over 100 laps, most being longer runs. As of now, he has managed to keep bag in fourth fastest at both test sessions last week, and is keen on pushing further. Also a major part is the new Pirelli tyres that the teams have to work with in the winter test.

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