Know Your Car Battery Better

Last time when we wrote the post under the Driving Tips tab, we described all the details that were mandatory to make the battery last longer. Now if still the problem continues to trail till your car’s battery replacement, then mentioned below tips will prove of greater help to understand them at the time of buying from a spare parts bay.

First tip to remember is that, there are two types of battery available in market today: one is the low-maintenance and the second is zero-maintenance. The former is of the types that we are used to, we mean topping the battery fluid and all such, whereas the latter one remains hassle free. The maintenance-free battery costs a pinch higher over its fluid containing rival due to the avoidance of expenses throughout the life. And we seem it is safe in terms of handling too. The other facts that are meant to be seen can be termed as its size, power, etc.

The size of battery depends upon the vehicle’s type, which in layman language mean the engine compartment is been built with that regarded space so only a particular size of battery could fit. And also the load that it has to bear. Person in charge of gauging these specifications are the engineers at backend of desnigning department who recognizes such salts of panning the technicalities. The Battery Council International, a legal body in charge for the battery size consideration, has lent various sizes and configuration of batteries depending upon the types of cars of and engine displacements. it is been quoted in alphanumeric code, and the council had specifically termed it in the ‘group size’. For an example, if the battery group size is ‘22F’ then it means the length, width and height measurements would be 230mm, 175mm and 211mm. in another example, if the battery stickering mentions 25 battery group then it could be the of dimensions 230mm, 175mm and 225mm.

Know Your Car Battery Better

The next big thing to see on the battery is manufacturing date. To portray it, there is another alphanumeric code, which is called ‘date code’ that is been termed in the types of ‘C3’ and such. Hopefully, the term C3 doesn’t gives a feed of what era it belongs, but don’t worry it isn’t a military code that would need special training to crack down. In the code, alphabet used relates to the number of month, and the number to the ‘year of the decade’. For instance, in C3, C means the month of March, whereas the number 3 relates to the 2013. Alphabets used to display the year ranges from A to M where for the years numbers from 0 to 9 are used.

Don’t prefer buying a battery which is older than “three months”.

The last and the most important detail that we all are interested about is the power. It totally depends upon the power of the battery to start an engine in cold mornings; and secondly the power to be used while the alternator is not working. High dosage of both will definitely be the win-win situation.

The last saving grace, do refer the car’s manual before going to  buy the battery, because it displays all the details the battery needed for its functioning.

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