Koenigsegg Announces ‘Pre Owned Certification Program’

The guys at Supercar Kids seem to have gone aggressive these days.

The last report on their portal was claiming Aston Martin Cygnet being officially axed from the brand’s repertoire. Now referring to one of most renowned brand of industry “Koenigsegg”, they had claimed the Swedish supercar maker to start the ‘Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program’ for its customers.

Under the program, hypercar maker will offer customers warranty and a level of service close to what is offered on a new Koenigsegg hypercar.

And for adhering to organization’s standard, the brand has set certain norms for its cars to be certified under Pre Owned Certification hat. It is stated as, the vehicle shall undergo an inspection process of the regarded officials, and also to be updated and refurbished according to criteria’s set by hypercar brand.

Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program
After passing out the aforementioned conditions and norms, car will then reach ‘approved pre-owned’ criteria. It will be then made available for retail under the tropic of Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program. These vehicles will there be claiming themselves to be almost near to the factory fresh striates, said Jens Sverdrup.

The Koenigsegg Pre Owned Certification Program is exclusively for and only available through official Koenigsegg representatives.

These dealers are ordered to offer up to two year factory warranty and free service on approved pre owned Koenigsegg vehicles.

Source: The Supercar Kids.

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