Koenigsegg One:1 In RHD Configuration Is Limited To One Example Only

Everyone hates equation 1:1. Neither has it signified the victory over the rival nor the settled discussion. But despite keeping those augmentation at the bay, Koenigsegg made us to think over it and rolled out the world’s first megacar named as One:1.

However, if that wasn’t enough to cast a spell to the perception process, then it will numb the mind – only nine luckiest people of this world will be entitled to become its owners. Out of which one of them would be apparently from the RHD market. As a source keeping tab on the production of One:1, it said this is only Koenigsegg’s One:1 to possess a right hand drive configuration.

Confirming other details, that Swede will be painted blue on exteriors with white stripes running across. Deliveries will take place at SuperVettura, an official Koenigsegg dealer.

Koenigsegg One:1 In RHD Configuration Is Limited To One Example Only

Under the hoods, One:1’s 5.0L V8 engine produces bobbling 1341hp and 1371Nm of torque. The weight of 1,341 kg doesn’t restrict it to clock the max-speed of 440 km/h, whereas 0-400 km/h is touched in 20 seconds. Company has deployed 397mm front (six-piston) / 380mm rear (four-piston) to shackle down the speeding drama if it reaches out of control. The total halt from 400km/h can be achieved in 10 seconds. It registers itself in the books of fastest homologated production-car.

Prices aren’t disclosed publicly, but Swedes not going to let it off for a conventional tag, rather it may be some of the world’s costliest.

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