Lavasa Introduces Segway Adventure Tours, A First Of Its Kind In India

About to take all the uniqueness in itself, Lavasa, India’s first planned hill city has introduced Segway Adventure tours, a first of its kind offering in India. Visitors to Lavasa will now have the option of exploring the picturesque hill city in an eco-friendly, safe and exciting way with Segway a unique mode of green transportation.

Segway is a rage globally and many international tourist destinations are offering the self balancing mini-bicycle powered by a battery to tourists for personalised, unhindered and thrilling exploration. At Lavasa, tourists can now cover large distances with great ease and discover the lush green trails and scenic pathways.

A unique gyroscope technology and the lean steer riding way makes Segway, one of the safest and efficient mode of transport to cover large walking distances. With dimensions not larger than the average adult body and the ability to emulate human balance, the Segway PT uses the same space as a pedestrian and can go wherever a person can walk.

Segway Adventure ride in Lavasa

Segway is the best way to explore Lavasa City because it is in sync with the ideology of an eco-friendly city. The fact that it uses minimal space, is extremely manoeuvrable with a zero degree turning radius and can operate with ease on pedestrian sidewalks and pathways makes it a very tourist friendly mode of transport. Tourists can enjoy zipping around roads, Lakeside promenade or the nature trails. These battery powered vehicles are not only conducive to be used on regular roads but also for mountain and adventure tours. The services at Lavasa are being offered by Ecomantra Nature Adventure Pvt Ltd.-pioneers in experiential adventure travel in India.

Commenting on the launch of the first Segway Adventure tour in India at Lavasa, Mr. Rajiv Duggal, Sr, Vice President, Tourism Hospitality and Leisure, Lavasa Corporation ltd said, ““At Lavasa City, it has been our continuous endeavour to introduce new ways of city exploration and sightseeing that makes one’s holiday experience pleasurable. Segways are revolutionary new devices that are easy to learn and tons of fun. What’s more, we combine the thrill of riding the Segways with comprehensive City Tours that is not only a fun way to explore the city but also make getting across large distances actually enjoyable.”

At Lavasa, you can hire a Segway for your special occasions by contacting the Tourist Information Centre at Lavasa, open all days from 9 am to 6 pm and can be accessed through: Tel: +91 20 6473 1022 and via e-mail:

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