Lexus NX Enters Production

Lexus NX, one of the most awaited crossovers of the time, is now reported to have entered production in Japan at the Lexus’s Miyata plant.

The company said, already 6,500 bookings are made of this luxurious crossover in Japan, with more of them scored worldwide as well. In UK, approximately 350 customers had ordered for NX 300h. Deliveries are stated to commence from October.

Engine will be sourced from the Miyata’s neighboring plant of Kanda.

Lexus NX Enters Production

Reportedly, the production in Kanda was reduced ultimately due to shortage in demand; couples of production lines were shut down. Thanks to the Lexus NX, as the plant is now once again sprung to life. The facility will now hold responsibility of supplying the 2.0L turbo petrol engine for the NX 200t. Lexus had his aspirations for this engine to get more bookings from US and Chinese markets.

Lexus NX Enters Production

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