Long Wheelbase Mercedes E-Class Expected For India

E-Class clashed all the conventional design elements for the current-gen. Now, it is reported the next-gen is getting long-wheelbase version for India as well.

Speaking to the source, E-Class long-wheelbase is a good product for this country.

Apparently, the sedan will be aimed to buyers who are more luxury oriented and needed to be driven comfortably for a lesser price than the flagship S-Class. However, one would raise this quest – CLS too sits in the slot between S-Class and E-Class. To the answer, CLS is sportier whereas the E-Class long-wheelbase will define the chauffeur-driven segment. Both the class aspires to different set of buyers.

Long Wheelbase Mercedes E-Class Expected For India

Well, the long-wheelbase E-Class sold in China remains 14cm longer than the standard car; obviously the addition of space between benefits the rear passenger only. But as that car is of the Left-hand drive category, snagging it in the Right-hand drive markets like India, Japan and South East Asia is impossible. In fact, there do seems many buyers demanding such a version from the latter set of markets, the reason they prefer to be chauffeur-driven, concreting the case for Merc to build a long-wheelbase E-Class for them as well.

The cost and engine options cannot be obviously worked out as it is quite early to talk about them. But it can be expected the long-wheelbase E-Class will have a niche upper-hand for the buyers in this segment.

Source: Autocar India

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