Low-priced Nissan cars to hit India by 2014

It’s been a long time since Nissan launched a car here in India and that was Sunny. Sunny fared well in the market owing to its looks as well as the elegant interiors of the car. But this was just one of the many sedans that were rolling the roads in India. Now the company is looking towards higher prospects and owing to the price of fuel in India, Nissan is looking forward to bring forth a whole collection of reasonably priced cars on the Indian roads.

By far, there is just one car of Nissan that is coming to India this year. It will be MPV Evalia which has been in the line since a long time now and thus the company is finally looking forward to bring the car to India as soon as possible since the MPV market here is growing at an impressive rate. Nissan MPV Evalia has been jointly developed by the Japanese auto-makers in collaboration with Ashok Leyland which happens to be the country’s leading manufacturer of commercial vehicles. Nissan in a recent statement said that the launch of these cars will happen only in 2014 and not before that. Presently Nissan is doing its best to promote Sunny and Micra which are two of the most sold Nissan cars in India apart from X-Trail and Teana.

Low-priced Nissan cars to hit India by 2014
The range of the cars that Nissan will be bringing to India in 2014 will be assembled on Indian soil only and will go under the brand name of Datsun. These cars will then go out at a price relatively lower than their original prices. Nissan Exec VP in a recent interview stated that Datsun will be the imminent brand under which the low-cost Nissan cars will roll in India.

The cars are sure to make Nissan’s presence felt on the Indian roads as there is a lot of competition that is going on in the arena with the most revered automobile heavyweights battling it out. Thus, Nissan has high expectations with the cars that it is about to launch into the market soon and now is the time when the company has a lot of stock in its garage that it is planning to roll out. It has been a long time since the company has been in the market but its level of exposure was always shielded by the presence of other carmakers. But now is the time that the company has earmarked various aspirations that it will start working on.

Nissan was fortunate this May and sold 98% more units this month rather than before. The sales figure stopped at 3138 units this year which was 1588 units last year. And the credit of increasing sales clearly goes to Nissan Sunny and Nissan Micra both of which shot up the sales of the units by a huge margin. Sunny has sold 18,751 units on the whole ever since it was launched in 2011 and the company has higher aspirations with the sedan and also Nissan Micra hatchback.

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