Mahindra leading in the rat race to acquire Saab

There is a strong tug-of-war brewing between Mahindra and Volvo with Swedish automobile manufacturers Saab being the bait as the company has announced bankruptcy. The clash of the heavyweights has now taken a new turn as the Chinese automobile heavyweight Youngman has vouched to rule its participation off the list of contenders owing to the fact that General Motors has strictly given out a statement barring any information regarding Saab Motors to be passed on to Chinese enterprises which are not with SAIC Motor Corporation and other OEMs that are a part of joint ventures.

Owing to the downfall of Saab Motors, several automobile manufacturers set pursuit and now there are only two contenders in the arena both of which are one of the leading automobile heavyweights. Volvo though is not quite interested in getting hold of the automotive parts section of Saab Motors whereas Mahindra & Mahindra is gunning to acquire the whole company. Youngman was considered as one of the toughest competitors in the duel as it was one of the most probably company to get hold of Saab Motors. But the intervention of General Motors kicked them out of the league. Mahindra & Mahindra is a part of the Indian contingent of automobile manufacturers and the Indian automobile market is being highly regarded as the fast growing automobile industry across the world owing to the competition of automobile makers there. Probably all of the major luxury car makers are present in India.

Mahindra leading in the rat race to acquire Saab

Saab Motors was once a widely acclaimed enterprise that made a lot of progress during the first few years in the mainstream market but owing to the uprising of other manufacturers across Europe, this company was pushed back. Eventually its fall was imminent. Mahindra & Mahindra already owns a lot of automobile companies across the world including Ssangyong Motors which recently showcased the latest improvised model of Rexton at the Busan Motor Show 2012. The brand value of Mahindra & Mahindra has increased to optimum heights over the past few years and now owing to its partnerships with the leading heavyweights of the industry, it has joined the league with the top-notch brand names in the automobile industry. On the contrary, Volvo is already considered in the big league so the competition is fierce now. Mahindra is doing all it can to take hold of Saab Motors as this will make their presence stronger in the Europe.

Just like Tata conquered Jaguar and Land Rover, Mahindra & Mahindra also plans the same growth on a big scale and feels that acquiring Saab Motors would be a viable deal for the company in all aspects. Ever since the downfall of Saab Motors, Mahindra has been hell bent on getting their hands on the company and are interested in getting hold of all units of the company for their benefits. The race is still on and Volvo is sure to put up a strong appeal from its side.

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