Mahindra Reva and Vodafone Announces Strategic Technology Partnership

Mahindra Reva e2o was in the good amount of stir when launched and since then it had also been doing well for its makers, in the sense of first few buyers and minus the hassle of running cost. More to the technological enhancement, Indian automaker had now tied with telecom giant Vodafone for the strategic technology sharing of Machine-to-Machine (m2m) communication services. Let us inform you, this was in the tempting mode when the launch happened and one can say that newbie might find itself handicapped if those support are taken out from feature list.

Clearing the clutter from mains, any e2o owners can connect with their vehicle using smart phones or an internet connected computer, which will derive them to the following services:

Mahindra Reva and Vodafone Announces Strategic Technology Partnership

  • Know the state of charge in the battery and how far it can travel with the available sources
  • Control air condition of e2o through a sort of remote control and set the on/off schedule as per requirement, for instance one can pre-cool the vehicle before getting into it during summer
  • Lock or unlock the car, one can do it even by sitting in the office, no need to get down those so long staircase to check whether is it locked or not.
  • Locate the nearest charging station
  • Receive alerts on various events with the car such as disruption in charging due to power cuts, safety related reminders such as doors being left unlocked or parking brake not applied.
  • Get an emergency boost charge with a command on the smart phone to go an extra 8-10 kms.
  • Have the Mahindra Reva Tech Help Desk remotely to do prognosis and diagnostics of the car.

As per the claims of organization, this initiative of smartness was developed by keeping in mind that in an era of ubiquitous communication, automobiles have remained untouched by the rapid advancement of communication and information technologies.

Mahindra Reva e2o

The partnership between Mahindra Reva and Vodafone Business Services (VBS) is the first and only one of its kind in India where a telecom service provider and an automaker have joined hands to usher this completely new and futuristic technology into the Indian market.

Machine-to-machine communication technologies works behind the scene and enable secure connectivity between vehicle and central application, which is being powered by the best in class machine to machine service platform. Even the Reva had also engulfed its vehicle with such refinement that a patented webpage named “REVive” charges the battery of e2o when one finds himself in a fuss, and a touch from the smart phone will deliver him a boost of some various notches to go at least a few miles, or otherwise he can call to RIA (Remote Interactive Assist) for same.

Commenting on the platform sharing, Chetan Maini, Chief of Strategy and Technology, Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd. says, “The e2o is the first and only Indian car, and among the few worldwide to have telematics based features that enable ‘anytime, anywhere, connectivity’ between our customers and their cars. The high performance telematics solution developed by Mahindra Reva for the e2o offers one of the richest set of telematics enabled set of features offered on any car in the world today. We are pleased to partner with Vodafone as our exclusive Machine-to-Machine mobile connectivity solution provider. Going forward, connected car technologies will make a difference to convenience and safety, thereby making a positive impact on the way people commute and interact with their cars. We are sure that our association with Vodafone will provide an even greater proposition to our customers and enable new innovations in this exciting space in the future.”

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