Mahindra Scorpio vs Tata Safari Storme vs Tata Aria vs XUV 500: Specifications Comparison

Mahindra Scorpio yesterday marked an all new era for the SUV lovers. As launched the second-gen, new Scorpio is honed with every gimmicks that’s needed for the battle to be fought over many more years to come. Infinite changes, majorly the new platform used for first time, replied to have its caliphate over the rest. Here, in the comparison where no one dared to stand against new-gen Scorpio with regards to the pricing and features offered, a lot of effort took us to drag Tata Aria, Tata Safari Storme and its in-house rival XUV 500 to the head-to-head clash. Mentioned below are the complete details whether the Mahindra’s new beast managed to captivate over them, or rivals still had an upper hand to outdo the Scorpio. Read on to find more…

Core of this comparison stands affirm with the engine provided to all. It is of almost same capacity and prices are readable to their relative vicinity.

Mahindra Scorpio vs Tata Safari Storme vs Tata Aria vs XUV 500: Specifications Comparison


The heart of Scorpio is made of a 2.2L mHAWK engine on all trims, except the base variant which has a 2.5L mill. The power output generated is 118bhp and 290NM of torque. The XUV 500 is also planted with that same engine, but provided with a bump of power at 138bhp and 330Nm of torque. Amongst all, Tata Aria wins this clash of power at 148bhp and 320Nm of torque. Tata safari Storme is in the same line with XUV at 138bhp and 320NM of torque.


On the sizing front, wheelbase of Scorpio isn’t that impressive as standing with a mere 2680mm. The Aria once again marked its pole position with a stretchy 2850mm. XUV 500 too doesn’t deserved to be named impressive as had a board of 2700mm between two wheels, which is only 50mm longer than the shortest Safari Strome of 2650mm.

As Scorpio is catered to the category of compact SUV, there aren’t doubts which would claim of having the biggest footprint. Lengthwise, it is the smallest with 4456mm. And as Aria belongs to the MUV profile so its longest dimension of 4780mm is justified. XUV500 is not too cramped either at 4585mm, and Safari Storme is a bit airy with 4655mm.

Narrowest on the list is Scorpio’s 1820mm of width. The Safari Storme is adorning more space here at 1965mm which is actually enhanced by the foot-steps on the sides. Aria and XUV 500 aren’t far from each other; former is 1895mm wide, while latter is 1890mm.

Commanding its brigadier type persona Scorpio was needed to stand tall amongst the rest. And yes, it did so. Measuring 1995mm from roof to bottom, it is the tallest here. Storme is slightly ducked but still retains that SUV charm at 1922mm. The XUV and Aria are quite compatible to the MUV repertoire, so they are measuring 1785mm and 1780mm respectively.


All four of them are of the different categories; two belongs to SUV and the other two to MUV or crossover. But they all are meant to serve the same purpose in India, “moving people” – said with regards to the seven-seater options given. Another purpose is to go a sort of off-roading when felt that torque reserve should be revived to its fullest. So, Scorpio is the shortest and smallest in its category, but has a longer wheelbase over Storme. The engine too is producing least power in the comparison. Aria had benchmarked the footprint and horsepower both. Safari Storme and XUV remained impressive choices throughout. The flipside, price tags differentiated and equipments offered will definitely change the game to all the four. Hence, this is only an on-paper comparison which is subjected not to be the same in real-world driving conditions.

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