Man takes home “couple of Peugeots” as a prize for the contest

This time it’s from Malaysia. The contest winner there is awarded a couple of Peugeot cars which is worth “RM 250,000”.

Chan Chee Wah, who is a sales manager by profession, is the winner of the Merdeka grand prize at The Star’s Bid & Win Finale Prize Presentation ceremony.

The contest was about bidding the two cars in auction where the finalist was meant to be awarded with the same. Hope so the bidding wasn’t so easy, in actual it was nerve-wracking says the winner.

“After the bidding closed, I had to wait for about two weeks before I received the ‘golden call’ from the promotion management agency. I was so anxious and at one point, I thought I had lost,” said the 37-year-old after winning.

Man takes home couple of Peugeots as a prize for the contest

Well, that one was taking the notation of how one feels before getting such astonishing prize in the gift. But the reaction of after winning seems have shocked us. “I already have a car. So, I am still thinking whether I should keep only one of the cars and sell off the other,” said Chan, who thanked his family, relatives and friends for spending time to help him cut out the Star Points.

Though it’s the matter of luck where this young man have cashed on brightly, where we droll why we don’t get such instances in India frequently to make some huge bucks (or get possession of these type of metals) too.

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