Maruti A-Star Cabriolet showcased: Visitors taken aback

Auto experts and visitors to the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo were both completely stumped by a vehicle Maruti Suzuki has showcased at the event. The car perfectly displays the positive intentions of the auto giant from India to tread into newer paths so that it can stay ahead of competition.

The vehicle, which is the subject of reference here, is the latest concept convertible from Maruti, the A-Star Cabriolet. The design of this car will mesmerize you to such an extent that you will start wishing that the production variant comes out immediately, so that you can be able to own one.

Maruti A-Star Cabriolet showcased: Visitors taken aback

The Maruti A-Star Cabriolet car has been provided an all-yellow color, which is making most visitors stop in their tracks, as they move through the stall, where the Maruti Suzuki cars have been put for display. The design of this car, which is going to accommodate four passengers, matches up to the high standards set originally by the original Maruti A-Star Cabriolet.

The major change is the soft roof that the car has at its top. It also comes with a completely different set of alloy wheels. Both these features are enough to register the fact that the exterior has a significant deviation from the original model. But, the actual beauty of this car is seen once the roof is pulled back and you get to see what has been provided inside. The seats have been colored in black having a tinge of yellow in some places. It is sufficient to assure that the vehicle, when out in the market, will provide its users with a comfortable ride.

Maruti A-Star Cabriolet in India Maruti A-Star Cabriolet in India

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