Maruti Alto- Give way to the Leader

Maruti Suzuki India Ltd has achieved what many in the world always dreamt for. It has masqueraded in this tough price sensitive domestic market and came out as a winner. Global pundits who have been shouting hoarse, that India is the new buzzword to watch for would now say, we told you so. Maruti Suzuki has achieved the impossible by turning its new flagship small car Maruti Suzuki Alto into a best selling car worldwide in the year 2010.  What has just unraveled is a new found phenomenon; a car of Indian origin has beaten the likes of Volkswagen Golf, Fiat Uno, and that too across any segment. Truly it’s a marvelous feat to achieve and Maruti Suzuki needs to be commended. Buoyed by massive increase in its sale, which peaked at 25 per cent, Maruti Alto was able to cross the 3, 00,000 units figure.

The Alto’s predecessor the iconic Maruti 800 was for an unbelievably long time the master seller. Maruti Alto was launched in order to phase out the older version, and to give the company a new flagship car, in effect giving new life to the company. Maruti Alto was launched at the turn of the new century and from that very moment it was a rage amongst the Indian buyers. By the start of 2006, Maruti Alto did what it was precisely meant for, it had over taken from its sibling the  Maruti 800 as the best and most selling car in Maruti Suzuki’s portfolio.

The newly launched K10 was also received with much joy and vigor among the Maruti enthusiasts. That has contributed immensely to the growth in sales witnessed in 2010.  The fact which also aided the Indian auto maker was, the best seller from the German automaker Volkswagen under performed in the year ending 2010. To sum it all Maruti Suzuki is expecting the sales to be closer to the mark of 4, 00,000 units for the year 2011. The prospect couldn’t be brighter for the indigenous automaker, Maruti Suzuki.

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