Maruti Celerio EZ drive transmission could be automatic

The Maruti Celerio’s EZ Drive automatic gearbox can be explained as a simple manual transmission that is robotized.  With the help of the actuators and dedicated ECU, EZ Drive gearbox acts like an automatic transmission. It features a simple clutch and a regular manual gearbox. The only difference in this new technology is that as compared to the usual automatic transmissions, it does not have a power sapping torque converter. As a result of this, the fuel efficiency of the car is not affected and the car gives the same efficiency as that of a manual gearbox.

When it was tested, the official figures for the car turned out to be 23.1kmpl, which was the same as the manual gearbox version. The smart software that makes the gears shift and maintains low engine revs is what acts as a benefit in this case. If one sits in the car, it seems to be a normal automatic car with drive, neutral and reverse.

Maruti Celerio EZ drive

The EZ Drive automatic tech offers 5-speeds that work in manual as well as automatic. A “creep” mode has also been added, which helps the gearbox function at low speeds without giving stress to the clutch.

The core benefit of Automated Manual Transmission is its cost effectiveness. Since Maruti has already introduced the technology in the Celerio now, it would be only logical for the company to introduce the same in its other saloons and hatchbacks in the market. The reason why this technology is not used in many of the other countries is that it is a little jerkier than the regular automatics.

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