Maruti drives Alto 800 to small cities and rustic regions

Maruti Suzuki is eyeing market zones in the rustic regions as well as Tier II cities with the aim to build added volumes for its freshly launched Alto 800 cars.

Mr. Ram Suresh Akella, General Manager, Commercial Business Head (South) stated that during the existing financial year (2012-13), the auto giant proposes to hit 25% expansion in the rustic market.

Small cities as well as niche sections such as turmeric agriculturists in Tiruchengode in the state of Tamil Nadu, spices agriculturists in the state of Kerala and apple cultivators in the state of Himachal Pradesh are being directed to attain the said growth.

Maruti drives Alto 800 to small cities and rustic regions

“We are taking actions at the same time with the aim to augment our attendance in smaller cities by launching new extension outlets,” Mr. Ram Suresh Akella added.

Alto has been Maruti Suzuki’s top seller and best model in the globe in terms of single design. In 2012, Swift surpassed it slightly, he said.

When commented that demand for luxury vehicles is growing, Mr. Ram stated that around 25,000 Alto 800 cars got sold in a month during 2011.

“There is favorable demand for Alto even at this time. It is the most excellent entry level vehicle and is fuel competent. There is clear-cut demand for Alto.”

He also stated that there is a clear-cut augmentation in demand for diesel model. In the past 3 year period, demand for diesel vehicles in the domestic region stood at 36%, which surged to 47% during the last fiscal, hitting 58% in 2012.

Maruti drives Alto 800 to small cities and rustic regions

The company sold around 1.2 million cars (all inclusive) during 2010-11. In the diesel section, the company’s capacitance is 400,000 vehicles on an annual basis.

In 2011-12, the company produced 300,000 vehicle units of diesel engines. Now, the car manufacturer is in the process of establishing a diesel engine facility in Gurgaon with a total investment of around Rs 1700 crore.

The first phase would have a capacitance of 150,000 vehicle units that would be complete by the coming year and by the year 2014, another 150,000 vehicle units capacitance would be appended by when the capability of diesel engines would hit 700,000 mark.

In the state of Kerala, the company sells 8000 vehicles on a monthly basis out of which Alto 800 makes 30-35% of overall sales. The company enjoys 58% market share in Kerala, the maximum crosswise any other state.

Maruti proposes to export the newly launched Alto 800 car to Latin America and African nations by December-January.

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