Maruti Suzuki Organises Women Car Rally In Pune

Women empowerment always took the center stage in India when there is a debate of deciding the political fiasco. Maruti seems to be strongly inspired by those debates during the election times, and recently held a rally for women in Pune.

The Maruti Suzuki women’s car rally was held in Pune on July 6, 2014, with an aim to strengthen women’s participation in motorsports in India.

Approximately, eighty-two teams took part in the rally and drove their Maruti Suzuki over a 120km route in and around the city of Pune. The route was decided keeping in mind the Time Speed Distance. A navigator by the side of every women driver would constantly calculate the time based on speed and distance figures given in the book, and accordingly guide the driver. The rally also boasted hidden check point to keep a tab on its participants for avoiding them from taking up the shorter routes or gaining more than prescribed speed.

Maruti Suzuki Organises Women Car Rally In Pune

On the occasion, Manohar Bhat, vice president, marketing, Maruti Suzuki said, “Maruti Suzuki has been associated with motorsports for over 2 decades. Each year, we have seen increasing interest from women motorsports enthusiasts. The women car rally is a good opportunity for women motorsport enthusiasts to gauge their preparedness for some bigger rallies – like Maruti Suzuki Raid-de-Himalaya, Maruti Suzuki Desert Storm and Maruti Suzuki Dakshin Dare. Besides, rallying teaches road discipline and helps us promote road safety. The driving skills like enhanced braking, skid correction, tackling multiple terrains etc which participants pick up during motorsport events like this rally, have an immediate impact on improving the safety during real time driving.”

Archana Khinvasara emerged as a winner from the whole crowd, driving a Maruti Suzuki Ritz, along with navigator Vivek Khinvasara. Priya Joshi (navigator Vrushal Joshi) in a WagonR followed to the second position.

Maruti Suzuki Organises Women Car Rally In Pune

Commenting about the victory, Ms. Archana Khinvasara, the overall winner (with navigator Mr Vivek Khinvasara), said, “I am very excited at this win! The track was beautifully planned out and I absolutely loved the whole experience. I was scared in a few instances but my navigator’s directions were excellent. I am overjoyed at this achievement and the next halt for me is the Maruti Suzuki Dakshin Dare with my Ritz!”

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